After several years of being scissor-happy, I decided to hide the shears from myself.

You see, I do my own hair, including cut and color. And I became increasingly obsessed with any strand out of was maddening! I realized that I had a problem, when my nights were spent painstakingly trying to achieve the perfect shape-up or even cut, which if you know anything about hair, is virtually impossible! After several interventions, I asked my husband to help me kick the cutting habit and take my scissors. But that didn't work either, because I found them. :-)

Historically, my hair grows pretty fast. At least 3 times in my life, it's been cut extremely short and grown long again with shockingly speedy growth points along the way; but my hair was relaxed at the time. After the transition to natural, I wasn't allowing my natural hair to grow past a certain point, because I loved the convenience of cropped curls especially in the summer months.  

In the end, I found the strength to stop, let go and let flow. And as of summer 2015, my journey began with an inspirational Pinterest page to help me stay the course.... I named it Coiled Rich.


I don't really have a plan for this Coiled Rich movement, yet. But I do know that I want it to be fun, interactive and experimental and just a cool journey. It'll be about all things natural and enriching, not only hair, but much, much more. Will you join me?


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