::April Peters::

Singer-Songwriter | Recording Artist | Voice For A Cause

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Cover of "The River" by Jordan Feliz performed by April Peters with the TLCC Band. For April's original music and performances visit: http://aprilpetersonline.com/epk

"Don't Wanna Fight" by Alabama Shakes covered and performed by April Peters featuring lyricist Damien Betances, backed by the TLCC band! For April's original music and performances visit: http://aprilpetersonline.com/epk

Good Day Philadelphia co-hosts Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick discuss April Peters' performance of her original song "Opportunity For Love", her connection to domestic violence awareness and her album Early Bloomer.

“That woman can SING!”

~ Mike Jerrick, FOX Good Day Philadelphia


“She's such a beautiful story, beautiful voice, beautiful spirit, wonderful!”

~ Alex Holley, FOX Good Day Philadelphia

“April Peters is an emerging artist who uses her past experiences, talent and passion for change – to create a new voice in adult contemporary music.” ~ Monarch Magazine

An exclusive look at the single "Turn It Up" and April's new TransMusic project.

“[April Peters] is a hot new artist and her bio is as encouraging as her music–you'll definitely want to take a chance on her!” ~ Princess Dominique

"...Just boss all across the board!"

“From the moment I walked in...I knew that night was going to be one to remember. April's energy is electric and commands for everyone to get on their feet. The BAND! Oh the Band! ...just boss all across the board! Would love to see her again, anywhere she performs. #turnitup #summer2015." ~ TruStory Media

"April encourages us, in her amazing voice..."

“Dance music usually isn't known for combining fun with a great message. Well, if that's what you've been searching for, look no further than this amazing single from singer-songwriter extraordinaire, April Peters. Aptly titled, “Turn It Up,” it combines disco beats with modern dance pop, creating a staccato of sounds that really does make you want to “turn it up.” Hot beat aside, this song reminds us all to embrace ourselves fully & reject the idea that we're too much.... April encourages us, in her amazing voice, to reject the natural inclination to shrink in fear around people who misunderstand us – asking us to go big, refusing to shrink & withdraw; being no one but our fabulous selves." ~ Love. 'n Words

"The power of Labelle and the thoughtfulness of Jill."

Anyone who digs that solid Philly soul sound, I mean the power of Labelle and the thoughtfulness of Jill; the incorporated feel and head boppin' that has pushed R&B back into the spot light, must get this CD. You will not be disappointed! Check out the track Early Bloomer if you don't believe me. ~ Will Luff, WAVCon Audio/Visual



by April Peters