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April Peters is a soul-stirring singer-songwriter and recording artist with a mission to help women and children find freedom and discover their value in God, and the creator and author of Landing on Purpose: 5 Steps to Discover and State Your Passion.

Hailed by Monarch Magazine for being an “exceptional [person] empowering others to become exceptional” and an "artist who uses her past experiences, talent and passion for change – to create a new voice in adult contemporary music,” April was featured on FOX's Good Day Philadelphia performing and speaking on the power of music and forgiveness in her own healing. Fluent in French, she has served on missions to Paris and West Africa, performing and making radio appearances to encourage Liberia's children scarred after civil war. She is committed to being a “voice for a cause” in support of Sickle Cell Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Recovery from Addiction. April’s personal and uplifting song stories can be heard on her EP, Early Bloomer, her single “Turn It Up” and her recent EP Fly. April’s workbook Landing On Purpose is a revolutionary 5-step method for discovering what you are meant to do on Earth and linking that knowledge to your everyday actions in order to live a more mission-minded life! ( 



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10.29.2015 | FOX Good Day Philadelphia

04.21.2015 | Review: Music To Love 

Dance music usually isn’t known for combining fun with a great message. Think about it: when was the last time you listened to a song that made you want to dance, but also left you with a substantial message and fed your soul, as well? I’ll wait! See?
Well, if that’s what you’ve been searching for, look no further than this amazing single from singer-songwriter extraordinaire, April Peters. This song is perfect for, because it’s all about celebrating the uniqueness of YOU.
Aptly titled, “Turn It Up”, it combines disco beats with modern dance pop, creating a staccato of sounds that really does make you want to “turn it up.” Hot beat aside, this song reminds us all to embrace ourselves fully & reject the idea that we’re too much. With lines like, “Too short, too tall/Too big, too small/Too smart, too dumb/That’s what they claim/Sticks & Stones may/Break my bones/But come on, son/I know my name”, April encourages us, in her amazing voice, to reject the natural inclination to shrink in fear around people who misunderstand us – asking us to go big, refusing to shrink & withdraw; being no one but our fabulous selves. How cool is THAT?!
Enough talk, though! Get into this song!!! Download it on iTunes....
— MUSIC TO LOVE: “Turn It Up” by April Peters ~ Love. in Words