Top 5 Snow Day Ideas


Don't get locked away in the tower without your snacks. We all know this. We make our mad dash for the market upon hearing about a storm headed our way--big or small. We suffer through long lines and minor cart crashes in the aisles, so long as we get out unscathed and with a healthy supply of [INSERT FAVE FOOD HERE]. But what of our other preparations? Besides a TV and film fest, what else is there to do? Here are my top 5 choices (including the very necessary movie marathon):

1. Sip Hot Dark Chocolate. Keep it decadent AND healthy with a silky sweet sip of heaven. What's better than dark chocolate? Make it from scratch. Yes, go through the motions, heat the almond milk and stir in the dark cocoa powder OR chocolate shavings, add a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon, raw sugar to sweeten. Cream with coconut milk. Peek through the steam and out the windows at falling snow, and now you've just starred in your very own Hallmark commercial. Yay you! Here's a recipe for simple 5-minute vegan hot chocolate. Enjoy!

2. Read a Good Book (or just a chapter). Stack up several pillows and blankets to create a cozy reading corner and take advantage of the natural light streaming in the windows, which is just a bit brighter when reflecting off snow! My media room turned into a solarium, full of bright light on my snow day and it was warm and marvelous! The Art of Manliness has a pretty cool reading list. Check it out.

3. Dance to Good Music. Find an oldie but goodie in your playlist (or let Google Play or Pandora do the deejaying). You don't need a partner for this! Solo dancing, free, fly and even awkward is perfectly acceptable and deliciously fun! One thing I'll miss about Songza, merging with Google Play as of January 31, will be the unique activity- and mood-based playlists they effortlessly curate for listeners. So take advantage of these Snow Day playlists, while you can: Snow Day Hibernation, Kid-Friendly Cabin Fever, Snuggling with your Sweetie, Snowfall Watch.

4. TV/Movie Marathon. Catch up on your fave series (Amazon Prime to the rescue!). My recommendations in no order (a combo of sci-fi, action, foreign, British, and thriller/suspense): Coherence, Project Almanac, Before I Go To SleepHuman Capital, Phoenix, Premium Rush, EverestDownton Abbey.

5. Catch Up with a Loved One. When we're busy running around, we may feel out of touch. Use part of your snow day to re-connect with a relative or distant friend. Or bless God for a chance to re-spark the home fires with your spouse. Skype, chat, snuggle or cuddle. It's up to you! Want an alternative to Skype? Try Google Hangout.


Take a Media Break. No phones, no social media, no news (unless you have a relative flying in or out and need constant weather updates). The snowstorm may be unavoidable but stay cool, calm and enjoy peace from the media storm.

Spread Out. Find your own corner or room. Mark your territory for peace. Get quiet. Introspect, reflect and refresh.

Now... Come Together. It's game time. Play together, have a good time. Tell stories and jokes. Go out in the snow. Angel away! Simplify and you'll find it fun. 

Have fun Snow Beaus + Beauties! 

Do you have a snow day ritual or recommendation not listed here? Add yours in the comments below. I'd love to read it!

April Peters

Soul-stirring singer-songwriter and recording artist April Peters has a driving passion to help women and children find freedom and discover their value in God. April became aware of the emotional scars and wounds of domestic violence on her own family and released her debut EP, Early Bloomer, in 2010 to tell her story in song of love, loss and the power of forgiveness while raising awareness around issues of domestic violence and abuse. April traveled to West Africa, where she performed and made radio appearances, encouraging Liberia's people and children scarred after civil war. April has been featured on FOX's Good Day Philadelphia and Monarch Magazine hailed April for being an “exceptional [person] empowering others to become exceptional” and "artist who uses her past experiences, talent and passion for change – to create a new voice in adult contemporary music.” April's recently released single “Turn It Up” and her EP Fly carry the message of hope, truth, love and renewal that she so passionately conveys to audiences worldwide.