Opportunity For Love: Overcoming Abuse

I pray someone sees and hears this story and receives the unction they need to leave an abusive or violent situation, in order to be restored and live with passion and purpose!

Lauryn Hill sang “I get out. I get out of all your boxes…” Don’t let anyone hit you, manipulate you, make you feel less than. Talk to someone safe today. #getout #DV #domesticviolenceawareness

Let's use our voices for something bigger and greater than ourselves.

Click to watch me discuss my personal story and connection to domestic violence awareness on Good Day Philadelphia with lovely host Alex Holley during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Just 1 week (literally) before this interview, I was in Philadelphia performing at a charity fashion event benefiting Women Against Abuse. Get this! I almost didn't get to perform at all. I was inadvertently skipped on the program and the event ended. But a little tenacity and passion on my part to share my story and song led me onstage after much of the audience had already been dismissed. No matter how large or small the crowd, however, we've got to be willing to share because someone could be sitting there, wanting to hear, needing to receive just one word that encourages them to be free. To my delight, several people stayed to listen... one of them, unbeknownst to me, was Alex Holley of Good Day Philadelphia. And the rest is history. 

Who would have thought that I'd get an opportunity to share my story on TV, my perspective as a child growing up in a home marred by abuse? I hope for the healing of others because of how God has loved and healed me. Emotional abuse is just as dangerous as physical. Sometimes it’s a gateway to physical violence.… Seek help NOW. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1−800−799−7233

April Peters

Soul-stirring singer-songwriter and recording artist April Peters has a driving passion to help women and children find freedom and discover their value in God. April became aware of the emotional scars and wounds of domestic violence on her own family and released her debut EP, Early Bloomer, in 2010 to tell her story in song of love, loss and the power of forgiveness while raising awareness around issues of domestic violence and abuse. April traveled to West Africa, where she performed and made radio appearances, encouraging Liberia's people and children scarred after civil war. April has been featured on FOX's Good Day Philadelphia and Monarch Magazine hailed April for being an “exceptional [person] empowering others to become exceptional” and "artist who uses her past experiences, talent and passion for change – to create a new voice in adult contemporary music.” April's recently released single “Turn It Up” and her EP Fly carry the message of hope, truth, love and renewal that she so passionately conveys to audiences worldwide.