Singing in Code

I LOVE to sing for the techie crowd.

(Yes, I'm a techie too). And so I know firsthand that they appreciate good music! I'm thrilled to be invited to perform for the Google Developer Group NY and NJ DevFest FireHack at their after-hours event at WeWork in Chelsea (5:30 pm) 115 W 18th Street, Floor 4, NY, NY!!! Looking forward to a cool night, playing with my buddy Seth!

AND I'm especially looking forward to our Hello+Fast Car cover song mash-up. Uniting Adele with Tracy Chapman will be so much fun for me. I feel like those 2 songs have a lot in common. And get this, the way we stumbled upon this song combo was nothing short of divine. Growing up in Philadelphia, I remember us elementary/middle schoolers being well beyond our years, singing the songs of our parents' playlists (before playlists existed) during classroom breaks. Songs by Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Tracey Chapman! How deep we were. Fast Car has always resonated and rumbled within my spirit. Meaningful lyrics, tragic, yet hopeful. So much of what we hear in Adele's music and in her latest release, Hello.

I'll be performing these covers together along with my own original material, of course. And perhaps we'll have a video to share. TTFN!

April Peters

Soul-stirring singer-songwriter and recording artist April Peters has a driving passion to help women and children find freedom and discover their value in God. April became aware of the emotional scars and wounds of domestic violence on her own family and released her debut EP, Early Bloomer, in 2010 to tell her story in song of love, loss and the power of forgiveness while raising awareness around issues of domestic violence and abuse. April traveled to West Africa, where she performed and made radio appearances, encouraging Liberia's people and children scarred after civil war. April has been featured on FOX's Good Day Philadelphia and Monarch Magazine hailed April for being an “exceptional [person] empowering others to become exceptional” and "artist who uses her past experiences, talent and passion for change – to create a new voice in adult contemporary music.” April's recently released single “Turn It Up” and her EP Fly carry the message of hope, truth, love and renewal that she so passionately conveys to audiences worldwide.